Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Michael's Ashes: Censored

An article recently published in TheBigRetort, highlighting the case of a family that has been attempting to get a hospital to release their loved one's ashes, has disappeared from world-wide-web search engines. The only one to do so in our buried news series.

The article, Michael's Ashes: Money To burn, created a bit of a stir.

Michael Morgan, 51, died at Eastbourne DGH. However, as highlighted in the article, Mr Morgan's family in Liverpool was neither informed of the death or the subsequent cremation. Three newspapers carried the story.

East Sussex NHS Trust now refuses, through its CEO Kim Hodgson, to release the ashes to the family.

As reported in the exclusive, Joan Ruddock, MP for Lewisham and Depford became involved in the case when Michael's own MP, Nigel Wateron, declined to get involved. Ms Ruddock has written to the hospital Trust calling for an explanation.

TheBigRetort will bring you more news on the disappearance of the article, and further developments in the Michael's Ashes saga.

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