Friday, April 07, 2017


Under the shadow of Brexit, Waitrose is named the ’priciest’ store... 

An attempt at Waitrose Bromley store today to charge a vulnerable widow £250 for a wine carrier bag was uncovered by TheBigRetortOur undercover reporter witnessed the astonished look on his fellow shopper‘s face as the 84 year-old’s bill had wracked up in excess of £300! A considerable increase on her meagre weekly spend; and a considerable hole in her pension too. 

In fact, 'That‘s a bit expensive, isn’t it?’ she said, mouth agog. 

Whilst “Mrs M” stood at the till nervously, our reporter, ever on the lookout for skulduggery, quizzed the cashier... 

She may well have offered, 'Well, that's Brexit!'   In fact the charming young lady was nonplussed and couldn't say why the bill was so high. She suggested that the octogenarian, a Friday regular at the fish counter - 20% percent off! - should visit the customer service desk. So off we toodled.

The culprit it seems was the plastic wine bag (pictured). 

At £250 it was more expensive than the six bottles of wine it held... Was it a Waitrose bag for infinity?

The "error" was quickly and quietly amended and "Mrs M" (the mother-in-law actually, full disclosure) received the added assurance that it would not happen again. 

Thank god for that! 

Many years back Waitrose ditched its old tagline 'Quality food, honestly priced'. Part of the John Lewis Partnership, could the food store's 2017 tagline read, Never knowingly undersold?

In which case we know why.