Wednesday, February 15, 2017

UKIP: Paul Nuttall Named In Honours List

Paul Nuttall:  - TheBigRetort uncovers the truth behind "the lie".

Apparently UKIP leader Paul Nuttall responded to the BBC'S Andrew Marr that he was not responsible for a LinkedIn page that claimed he concluded his PhD in 2004. He retorted:

'No, I've never claimed I've got a PhD. It's not on my website. 'It's on a LinkedIn page that wasn't put up by us and we don't know where it's come from.'

But how about Companies House filings: do they solve the mystery of the Nuttall Honours?

Documents filed for the UKIP leader's company THE SONICA MUSIC FOUNDATION LTD (06049348), page 5, signed 4th December 2006... the answer lies under Honours etc, ... "BA MA Cert Ed."