Sunday, May 27, 2007


Recently discovered that my blog "" was appearing on a Google search and flagging me as a "bloggers4labour" member. This was news to me as I have never promoted my political leanings in any post on my weblog.

Andrew Regan, creator of "bloggers4labour", responded to my puzzlement by creating even more:

"I check all blogs before submission and have definitely never seen yours before - either way, it's not in our database. It's possible that one of our 450+ bloggers has referred to you in the past: as we syndicate their posts, it's just possible that the name/URL of your blog has briefly appeared on our from page/recent posts page, but then hundreds/thousands of other blogs would be in the same boat." [A good point that needs further investigation surely.]

Regan claimed that there was 'no evidence anyone is claiming you to be a Labour blogger, and if anyone is getting that impression, that's a case of Google's results being misinterpreted.'

But is it? Can Google be blamed for being Labour's Big Brother?

The answer may be rather more benign... Following concerns, reported only to Bloggers4Labour, the connection is no longer on its site.

It is perhaps noteable that a former Labour councillor had responded to a posting made on another blog I have visited with a local flavour, and it is his website that points to his own (Labour) blog, which is connected to, yes, you've guessed, "Bloggers4Labour".

So beware who answers your non-party political posts.

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