Monday, June 11, 2007

STRANGE - BUT TRUE? Flying saucer over England in 1795


It was nearly half past nine on the clock of a Tuesday evening when what was described as 'a body of fire of an uncommon size' passed over the town of Halifax...
The craft headed 'nearly the line' south west, until it hit the zenith of Halifax, inexplicably changing direction, it then headed a few points from the north east to east.
But what's so unusual about that?
The years was 1795... The object's diameter appeared to be 'more than half that' of a full moon and its velocity was so rapid that it was doing 50 miles a second - or 18000mph!
Certainly its speed was greater than any velocity achieved in that century, and those that followed. (At the time of the report apparently a coach and horses into London took several days.)
The height of the extremely bright object must have been considerable as it passed through clouds, and illuminated those which it passed 'over'. (Great heights were also unachievable in that century.)
Reports at that time relate that its colour was 'pale and livid' and it was visible for about five or six seconds. Finally, it was 'lost in the eye of a big large cloud'.
Could this have been a mother ship? It seems unlikely... the encounter was followed by a 'tremendous peal of thunder' believed to be the 'bursting of the globe' in the negatively electrified cloud. So, following an interstellar journey of some tens of thousands of light years, these poor space travellers, presumably on a mission from a dying planet - to make our world there's no doubt - perished. It's almost as if a guiding hand was at play saying that far and no further. Amazing...
[The Times, Sept 8, 1795, p4,c3. Disclaimer. Please note, the photograph of the downed saucer above did not appear in the original report, as photography did not exist then.]

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